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Phoenix Massage Kitchener 4/5
I walked in on a Saturday afternoon. The girls are dressed nicely. Madison takes my $100 (nude reverse) and walks me to the room. I say I don't want oil, so she begins to gently rub her fingers up and down my back. I'm naked, of course. After about 10 mins I flip over. She laughs at my hard member. More like a giggle lol. She uses some lotion and strokes me till I explode. A chocolate and I'm gone. Not a bad afternoon.

Even though it was early in the morning she was very friendly and had a great time. It would be great to spend time with her again when I'm back in Kitchener.

Great massage by April
April was really sexy and good looking. She is such a cute little petite chick with a tight ass. I played with her body and got her naked. All prices are posted. She stroked me good and took her time. I never felt like the experience was rushed or like she was trying to get my money. I liked her body and really enjoyed her cute facial features.

The massage was eventful and I roamed her body as we played. You gotta to see this girl's beautiful white skin.

Eventually she sat on top and started stroking me like a really good girl. She is sweet and cute and will work hard no matter what.

I want her again because after I released she kissed me on the cheek and said that she wanted me to come back. I told her I will.

Phoenix Erotic Massage
The Phoneix, was the first adult massage that i went to in Kitchener. I went on a friday night, and to tell the truth i was not very impressed. compared to the other exotic massages that i have been to in London who have about 8-10 girls, this one only had 3 girls. The girls that they did have were not very attractive. Now the prices are not bad around $60 for the room fee, and tip is not a must, and do not try to over tip to get a bit more, because it does not work.

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