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Sabrina SRM
Just went to see Sabrina @ Steeles Royal on Steeles...she is a very cute girl - but the entire experience left me wondering if I will go back "anywhere". Desk girl was very nice. Booked Sabrina - one of only three available. I was in the room at 1:00 and waited there until 1:25...I was just about to leave when she walked in. Made some small talk & she agreed to 40 min. Body slide. At 1:45, she asked me to flip over. I asked if it was my turn & she she said I only had 5 min left...so I questioned her about the time & she made up some lame excuse that two 5 minute showers need to be factored into the time. My cock literally went limp listening to this girl. I just wanted to leave at that point & she could tell. She what does she do...takes extra long in the shower, making me wait to pay her and asks me if I broke the shower, joking that she would have to call security. $150 is nothing to me, but when I feel I'm being ripped off and the MPA is a complete bitch on top, I have to say something. Like I said, cute girl, but what a nut case. It will take me a long time to visit there again, & it definitely won't be with nut bar Sabrina.

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Spa is great! - Avoid BONITA though!!!!
Went in for a massage at Steeles Royal where I have always had great service and would say that it is one of nicest parlours in the GTA. The reception girls are always pleasant and helpful in bringing out the available girls for choosing. The spa is clean and appears recently renovated as well.

On this occaision I had the unfortunate luck of picking BONITA who is one of the MPA's listed on there site. Hands down this was the worst treatment I have ever had from any attendant and sympathize with any gentleman who has had the displeasure of paying for her massage service.

I generally like to make simple and polite conversation during my massage about the industry but was told I was
being rude, asking too many questions and that I should 'shut up' and concentrate. She made numerous comments so as to suggest that I was some sort of cop and that nothing more than a massage was going to happen. All the while, I was being polite, respectful and never once suggested anything extra beyond the usual.

In short, she continued to be argumentative and cold throughout the remainder of the time while watching the clock and telling me every couple of minutes that time was ticking down. Hoping for a relaxing 30 minute massage, I ended up with a stress filled menial rub down at best.

I have had several good experiences at this location with other attendants and simply wanted to advise against choosing Bonita.

With that said, the staff and management at steeles royal are great and I would still recommend it to my friends, I just wouldnt recommend Bonita.

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Loved it!
Probably one of the cleaner and well maintained parlours I have visited in the GTA. Reception staff and attendents were all very friendly. All of my needs were met by the MPA. Loved the theme rooms they have. Great strokes in the golf room. Highly recommended.

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